Sunday, December 1, 2013

Smokey's Press Release

My cousin Ray is a casting director in Hollywood, and I agreed to do a little internship with him this summer.

He likes his name to be associated with blockbuster action flicks, and he tried to convince me to adopt this attitude also.

After several hours of very intense conversation, he achieved partial success, and my attitude shifted ever so slightly towards his.

My being was carved up into segments, and went on to nourish the new wave of audiences lining up like deep sea creatures outside the IMAX's, multiplexes, and international festivals.

(This message is brought to you by A1 Steak Sauce: Hamburgers are Steakburgers with a Steak Sauce called A1; Pour on A1; Great Taste, Good Fun.)

The secret things started piling up.

The ideas, the symptoms, the faces, the make-up, the costumes, the accents.

We wanted slash needed to escape to the countryside, but it was no longer viable, no longer willing...

or findable.

The secret things, shiny things, buried things,
all projected on-screen-

We lined up together, paid our money, sat thru the entire performance, took notes. 

The dialogue was amusing.

It was well-fished-for,

This cinematic religion must have been scripted with city-dwellers in mind, all of them dense, packed in secrets, un-labeled, swarming around inside the light pollution and galleries, each one making its own individual mark as more people line up, find their seats, and settle down into the flickering embers...