Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm not sure what else to call it, except maybe some kind of atypical wilderness.  I don't know if there are others.  The answer is probably 'yes.'  Reports from the field have been inconsistent at best.  On the one hand, sure, there was talking, and then, on the other hand, no prob, there was listening.  These activities were sometimes even carried out simultaneously.  Some people are better at multi-tasking then others.  I'm not sure how else to identify the core of the issue, except maybe by venturing out into what has sometimes been termed the 'primordial wilderness.'  I don't know if this line of thinking makes sense to others on the neighborhood outreach committee.  If I had to guess, the answer would probably be a slow, barely articulate 'yes' delivered along with a weary shrug and a stony gaze out into the distance. Incoming reports from the field have been making no linear sense whatsoever.  At times there is wild laughter, like you might expect from a Dostoyevskian maniac, and at different times, there is prolonged, perfect silence, like you might expect from a slightly more reserved type of Dostoyevskian maniac.  To say that these bio-fantasias might dwell simultaneously in the breast of the self-same internet user is to imply that multi-tasking is not only the probable wave of the future, but that the entire space-time matrix has been secretly coded onto what has been advertised recently as the New DNA Interface.  I'm not sure what else to call it, except maybe some kind of sea-green lagoon of endless meditation techniques and after-commentaries by eminent rishis on Youtube Turbo 7.  I'm not sure if anyone else on the committee has buckled under the weight of that ancient tradition.  If forced to guess, I would most likely settle once again on that old fall-back, 'yes', probably just writing the word out on a scrap piece of paper this time and saving all parties involved the effort of contending with spoken language mechanics.