Monday, November 11, 2013

hard to countenance

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<<< but it didn't lead to many good ideas, apparently.
<<< they were talking, and thought that the devotion to talking was sufficient for what they wanted to accomplish that day.
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<<< well, they were pretty mixed up, then.
<<< yeah, you're probably right.
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<<< yeah, mixed up in ways that are...
<<< hard to countenance?
<<< yeah, mixed up in the classical sense...
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<<< mixed up in, like, an almost biblical sense?
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<<< yeah, completely mixed up.
<<< not even wanting to engage in conversation, you're sayin'?
<<< not when I knew them.
<<< so there was, like... total silence, you're sayin?
<<< total silence.
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<<< why would they ever imagine that stuff?
(extremely long pause)
<<< they had their own way, apparently.
<<< I saw them at Ian's 17 ==7=B b=b& !^^%}
<<< me too.
<<< I wouldn't describe them as the friendliest folks in the world.
<<< nor would I.
<<< did any of them come to your lecture?
<<< no, I think they pretty much wanted my lecture to perish.aihiaou I*&*&)@#**Y*Y@#Y*^@^*
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<<< that's a pretty serious assumption.
<<< well, I'm a pretty serious person.
<<< did they ever try to get you to engage in activity?
<<< HAVEN'T I ALREADY TOLD YOU?  They had no use for activity!  These were the sort of people who would tell you bluntly to go take a fucking hike thru the canyon if they thought for one instant that you wanted to engage in frank conversation about anything related to semi-random activity!
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<<< so they didn't like conversation and they didn't care for activity... good lord... is that even possible?
<<< they had no use for such things, apparently.  That's the phrase I sorta remember.
<<< did they detest that stuff, you think?
<<< yeah, I'm pretty sure that they outright detested it... that's probably the most accurate word^&E_V *C} 
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<<< as in wanted it to, like, disappear from the face of the earth?))$!}&T &`9)}}  ^_~{+R&B i't 
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<<< anything's possible with people like them.
<<< what about you?
<<< what about me?
<<< what's your position on conversation these days?
<<< I think it can be pretty useful if used with discretion.
<<< do you enjoy it?
<<< depends[[8by8b7q67^)
<<< The days are shorter, nights longer.
<<< yeah... I've noticed.
<<< have you ever talked to anyone about it, old friend?
<<< no, I just noticed it silently.
<<< cool*&W$&(4[-9[ 6BTN!^1645]6bfbbf