Thursday, May 16, 2013

reschedule me pretty please

a system
b system
c system
d system

e henry marston, historically known as the “person”-
f “I regarded him as a powerful ally.”  
g and then a similar phrase repeated over again, systematically,
h this time without the incoherent italics: to wit,
i regarded him as an occasional semi-powerful alloy.

(questions upon which to buoy up ancient civilizations.)

my original intention was to secure lodgings downtown. a person b person c person d person etc. is alive and needs shelter, alive and requires some sort of reliable fuel source. a great window, overlooking a great river also, whispers something- what is it? what is the transparency whispering? wish i knew, i heard her saying... wish i had something semi-concrete to show for it...

...your skeleton isn't enough? (I respond.) your finger nails? your eyeballs? oh, those things are more than enough... wish i didn't have so much detritus backed up on the hard drive. (she responds.) well, dump it back into the ocean, then. all of it? no. just a representative sample. will you help me select? dunno- how long you think it's going to take? dunno- it depends on how carefully i want to comb thru your archives...

not a woodland... a valley.
not a valley... a watercourse.
not water, of course, and not necessarily taoism either.
not necessarily taoism and not necessarily not taoism's ancient mosaic and library.
not culture, not ether, not animal, not vegetable, not mineral.
is that enough information?
no, not nearly enough information.

a indeed this may have been a mistake on the anthropologists part.  
b venturing out into nature- indeed, probably another tv-based opportunity lost in the reverberation of lab-based and mind-biased periodic constituents. the table of elements. the fable of an oceanographer's destiny.
c what of henry’s first wave of ideas? second wave of ideas? third wave of ideas? fourth wave of ideas? fifth wave of ideas? sixth wave of ideas? seventh wave of ideas? eighth wave of ideas? ninth wave of of ideas? tenth wave of ideas? eleventh wave of ideas? twelfth wave of ideas? thirteenth wave of ideas? fourteenth wave of ideas? fifteenth wave of ideas? etc?  
d "not the most successful ideas, maybe, I think you were sayin' just a minute ago?" "well, murphy, i suppose that's just another question that the courts will have to decide."
e not the sort of ideas that would inspire a crowd of strangers to gather together?  maybe inside of the home?  or rather, out in public somewhere?  

(the public sphere-share becomes the “arena” in which we are able to “craft” certain ideas. the public skill-share, the crest fall, the star-chamber matter of factnesses.)  

(old people, young people, middle-aged people, other people, other categories and strategies for remaining what is sometimes termed "barely intact.")

f henry marston, the subject/object- gazing out into the emptiness.  
g and then a similar phrase repeated over and over again, this time without the same radii of devastating italics-
h gazing out into the ostensible nothingness.  

what would you do if you were henry?
what would you do if you were no longer henry?

(questions to think about
on one's back in one's dark.)

o citi
burned hand shakes
crumbling bridges

the good, old, and dead world
maybe not so good, old and dead after all...

o horray
o horray

reclaimed internet sea and dust coinages...
this is how the old world goes to sleep,
falls off the cliff,
jumps the boxcar, etc...

how the new world wakes from sleep,
pauses and waits by the cliff,
waves goodbye to the boxcar disappearing into a system b system c system d system e this may have been a mistake on my part f venturing out into "nature" g indeed maybe another mess of tics and community shudders.  

what about all of henry’s great ideas?
or was there still anyone living there?
the cliff, the canyon, the boxcar, 
the depreciated internet currencies?
what about all of henry’s memories?
were they completely discarded?
hypothesize for me, please, this time it will probably make all of the difference!

o horray

o horray
o come and see where i'm living now

ok, sure...

here’s goes nothing, then, fella! 

the moment he “published” them they were ostensibly "everyone’s"...

the village tailor
the cooper
the cobbler
the goldsmith
the brewer

(powerful friends, terms, and allies)

(repeated over and over again)