Wednesday, June 5, 2013


i shall edge behind them said william
i shall not overstate them said nathalie
as if "i" or "u" actually noticed some person we gavelled once
inside draughts of oblivion 
the door is cracked and then gently opened
the tiger leaps 
o the horror
let me then visit you furtively
treasures laid apart from the huddle
world of moons
verses cited
arts of absolutional healing
empty phrases cracked and forced open
of course in deed there is paradox
masquerades as peeled-back psychobiography
the best work speaks intimately
even though it's been laid out for and by oth-ers
to rivet/edit/termite the properties of 
the matter/antimatter conundrum speaks
for large scale asymmetries coiled down there 
at the core level of nothing...

it is the ground as the "medium" that holds one being inside of another; 
the nameless poem as the adventure outside the draft of pure gravity;

fling free what is ventured.
when the fire burns, the stone shines.
and when the fire fades, the dust that is leftover hides.
its light goes to the sun, 
and its breath of night becomes wind.
the scientific method is simple.
a characteristic wavelength of echoes.
we do not know precisely how far away 
these phenomena are ob-or-under-de-serviced.

this table of predications calls out to the telegraphs.
an "immortality pillar" collapses around the eco-minor depression.
dense squid-like minerals solidify and telescope gradually,
fall to the pavement, re-establish the ur-erotic container...

and sleep, for a moment, the collision of vibrating theories,
strings encountered in play,
instruments designed for re-ibarbelith-leasing... 




ancient friend, 

as a proof of my susceptibility,
here, in this room, very much alive and alone,
on the bed, with your book resting on the pillow beside me,
my gown lying negligently over the back of the chair,
seeking stories, imagining that you are still far away,
these environs remember what it was like at the edge of the spacepod,
the old irrational world streaming past us, alchemical,
light and dark to the touch, unrewarded,
high quality co-gas, like the crystal of lidless victorian tableware,
is often used in lost hyper-iatlas defections, 
mini-volcanoes of electrons, photons, wormholes, and positrons,
which unearth the brand-nu secrets until all the 'why?'s 
have been dissipated...

whenever light happens- that is, whenever a debt is forgiven-
a thrust enters history- it either begins for the first time
or commences again without fanfare.
beholding, beheld, worshiped, or nearly frittered away,
like blue carbon density, lower than x's critical value,
the multiverse will continue to extend past anonymously,
intertextual, simultaneous, diachronic, repeatable...

the background image is layered over by formless convection, 
a fine scum sinking back but slowly collecting nevertheless...

the sea scales the chemistry's particular view of the spectrum, 
a theory of how to vanish in the blink of an eyeless epiphany...


a poignant shadow, by my body, vagrant and chilled to perfection,
soon upending, soon fading, somewhere it touches
the innermost edge of the forest: a meeting-place,
past and present, a third-class passenger ticket
full of tiny forms heading home for the profligate holidays...

a greedy mind sees rare treasures
a surprised mind sees raccoons and whitenesses
reveling quietly in an all-soul's-blanket-evening of mercy

work is inside
then outside
don't be afraid to look foolish
just keep on reveling, dervishing,
a host inside of the party,
so immense that even its dilutions are homeopathic,
lost in steerage, haven't read, haven't heard, haven't witnessed...

what was needed was detection before 
terms were officially i.d.'d without chambers
the operation is always intimated 
by the cycle of the accelerator that feeds it
the delay between minimum pressure
and the hypnotic flesh allows bubbles
to expand enough to show up in nexus-rays.

meanwhile, the hammer claw traverses in toward the yogurt
and the ifilm is automatically wound to the next available frame; a brief pause; a new law; does not exhaust creativity's ratios; or transform our accustomed ties to a world or an earth; words and terms cannot reach it and cannot be seen by the "I"; one hundred and one subtle ways derive from the cleft heart; here be dragons; quantum gravity; higher dust evocations; opaque nucleosynthesis; 'fireball' radiation; a single point; a torn map; peering back into space; fermions are distinguished from the force carriers, bosons, by an orbital spin-off; leptons and quarks make good neighbors; the second house down on the left is a "strange" incarnation but the "weather" around there is subtly charmed; uncanny superpositions upon the sequence of triangularity's undying theme:

not this, not that, not now, not ever, not cognizant

can the question and answers of the nu psychoanalysis- the dark surfing thru the forces of repetition, desire, etc- be disentangled from the fissures of figure-and-ground style languaging?

well well well-

now i see...

the "point of no return" becomes laughable.
the "process of life" becomes tangible.
the moment of sharing, of yielding, 
of physical and psychic attunement,
optic nerves twined around and between 
the black rivers, a spent lithosphere formed
and then formless across magnetic fee renderings...

the map showed a series of ridges and canyons
appearing like parallel stories on the opposing
quarto, verso, picto, and hollo...

direction of sea plates, oceanic rifts, magma rises, etc;



(words are never fixed stars.)

u are never alone in the water.