Saturday, January 7, 2012

i love the ocean

I realize that some of you are curious 
and gosh, I used to be curious also...

wait wait wait

that's not what I wanted to say.

trying again...

thinking again...

failing again...

failing better...

for every person who rings in the new year from a rowboat, a flatboat, an inner tube, a kayak, etc-

drifting lazily along on the current,
just drifting along with the flow of events,
drifting in such a way that the people on shore, 
if there are any,
blur around the edges a little 
and become curiously incomprehensible 
even as their mouths move up and down animatedly 
and their body language seems to indicate 
some kind of excitement or urgency-  

well, gosh, I realize that some of you might still be a little bit curious and that others of you have been thru these genre shifts hundreds of times already by now-

a mere update or upgrade of the existing technology.

we enjoy and insert remarks regarding 
the latest machine-based understandings.

they are rich understandings
and there is no good reason 
not to implement them entirely!!!

(some of us have attended seminars for this very purpose!)

("implementation seminars" is the genre 
I'm thinking of here, by the way.)

we also spent some time at shedd aquarium 
and I think that this deserves to be gently acknowledged.

in regards to karl's journals:
in regards to the piece about the factory worker:
in regards to burr clinic and the poems written about that particular circle of friends and acquaintances:

well, my feeling is that there is still pretty much all the time in the world!

(an inaccurate and childish feeling, no question about it)

no reason to get a blog up and running if you're only going to embarrass yourself in the process!

hence the subtle fluctuation between genres,
the gentle acknowledgement that yes, indeed, 
I spent a little time alone 
at the world famous 
john g. shedd 

people all have their own small secret hobbies 
and in this I certainly do not prove an exception.

I am an amateur oceanographer 
and I make this frank admission at the outset.

my cousin len understands that some people still like to carry around old fashioned journals or sketchbooks, and just as one can still occasionally witness for oneself  in famous globally-renowned art museums, some people take them out right there in a hallway or gallery and commence impromptu sketches or studies right there on the spot, in full view of the museum-going public or populace- (sometimes even to the distinct chagrin and inconvenience of said public or populace)

in essence, they are asking the public to be an intimate part of the discovery process.  "nothing wrong with that"  I've heard len murmuring and I think he's right to murmur such things.

we explore the city together sometimes
but usually we explore it as separate entities.

len does his thing, as it were,
and I do my own, for what it's worth-

(not a whole lot, to tell the truth, 
but that's sort of the price of doing business 
in a major metropolitan area.)