Tuesday, January 10, 2012


a, the sandy bottom.
b, i commune with nameless, ageless, pointless, and featureless.
c, not afraid.
d, e, and f: not afraid.
g, the old boat, almost peerless.
h, the pattern, the shallow, the fragile, the medicine.
i, evanescent.
j, what's the worst that could possibly happen?
k, the best?
l, i wonder if we have been here before.
m, the current, the riptide-
n, the ferryman's bizarre terms of employment.
o, samuel beckett, virginia woolf, emily dickinson, etc.
p, dusky, merciless.
q, increased access to radiance/nothingness
r, musty, sacred.
s, other wet autumns encircle us.
t, waiting.
u, might want to lay in certain supplies for the winter months.
v, echoes.
w, oceans, canyons, weddings, funerals, operas. etc.
x, first and last.
y, along with everything else in between.
z, were we even aware of it?