Thursday, February 28, 2013

full circle

the celebration made a vacant lot of sense.
we returned to our chambers.
deep breathing, yawning, a little more staring into the screen,
and then, at last, stretching out,
on one's back, in one's darkness.
indeed, the celebration made total sense.
checked a few copies of the tao te ching
out from the local library branch.
turned on the radio and listened to the news of an hour.
it was fragmented, splintered, and totally out of whack with the season.
almost impossible to communicate thru these gale force winds.
the next day was quieter.
most of the citizens were, for the most part, in agreement.
the public lectures were clearer and the private funding was tidier.
they wanted to start preparing for the next celebration, 
but cooler heads among us prevailed, thank heaven.
we returned to our cellars.
cleaned up, 
changed clothes, 
gazed out the window for a very long time, 
listened to a few pieces of music, 
took care of a couple relatively minor household affairs.
it felt good to have it behind us, and it felt ok to have it ahead of us.
"feelings" may not have a whole lot to do with it,
but we tend to work with the "materials" that are closest to hand.
in the era of globalized commerce this is no longer totally necessary, 
so we seem old-fashioned at times- 
might even seem a little like sticks in the mud.
turned on the radio and listened to the news of an hour.
a few minor adjustments, a few massive upheavals.
most of the city-folk were, for the most part, in agreement.
we shared our intentions even though we knew they would probably never play out.
that's just as well, the tao counsels.
the celebration made absolutely no sense.