Saturday, February 23, 2013

three orbits

no way, man.
no fooling around anymore.
what?!? fooling around is the only thing which allows us...
yeah, aston, I'm here.
barely here.
walking thru walls again, fella?  floating down the proverbial liffey?
a ton of things to address in just a couple of minutes.
no way.
no way.
mist and snow.
three orbits?
we'll find out when we get there.
sweetheart, we're already there!
I'm not sure I like your tone, young lady.
too polished?
it's possible.
back and forth, then, like a heartbeat?
steady as she goes, like a heartbeat.
mountains, canyons, rivers, glaciers?
all of that, yes.
and a heartbeat?
a heartbeat.
relatively reliable.
can't get away from it.
just three orbits?
well... only in a manner of speaking.
which is what we're attempting-
I'd say we're succeeding- what about you, mistinal?
hey mistinal, you still on the line?
aston, do you know if mistinal is still on the line?
does anyone around here know if mistinal is still on the line?
I'm here, people- sorry, had you on speakerphone for a minute.
no problem, misty.
yeah, welcome back to the orbit.
which one?
why don't you pick this time!
aw, c'mon, man!  I picked last time!  it's somebody else's turn!
ok then, vanishing- wanna take a turn?
wait wait wait- reappearing.
wow- those are some slippery orbits!
have you named them, yet?
do you want to?
not really.
three distinct orbits, you're sayin'?
only in a manner of speaking.
well, let's stop speaking for a minute and see what happens.
there's that tone again, vanishing.
sorry- I guess I'm not even aware when I'm doing it.
no problem- you'll learn.
ya think?
I think, therefore I wait.
wow indeed.
that's a strange position to take.
the world waits, does it not?  I'm just following suit.
the three orbits?
but we haven't even identified them properly yet!
I adore them all.
cherish them all.
need them all.
study them all.
yeah, me too.
we're the same, then.
only in a manner of speaking.
only in that particular instance.
but it was a fabulous instance- there's no gainsaying that!
and then, when it vanishes...
and then, alas alas, when it reappears out of nowhere...
what were those four nature words you mentioned earlier?
uh, let me look back over the transcript...ok, mountains, canyons, rivers, glaciers- is that what you were referring to?
and then the heartbeat, of course.
(long pause)
oh sure...there's almost always the heartbeat...
three orbits, linked by three more, then by three more, etc.
countless orbits, you're sayin?
again misty, only in a manner of speaking.
infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood stages 1, 2, and 3, ancientry, and then a nice long restorative sleep...
with the heartbeat?
yeah, you can pretty much count on the heartbeat...
I will then.
mountains, canyons, rivers, glaciers, etc.
it all ends up in museums?
no, it usually ends up on the internet.
but it started out on the internet too!
that's one version of history, mistinal.
condensed version #780.
781 is supposed to be coming out sometime this april.