Tuesday, April 9, 2013

(a couple of post-it notes released back into the wild)

check it out-
are you listening?
hey old check- are you still in the area?
sorry, listening- area asked me to take my little traveling circus back to chicago.
undeniable, even.
that's odd of you to admit so transparently.
well, listening- I'm adjusting my strategy.
me too.
thing one?  are you still in the area?
thing eleven? do you still have any interest in listening?
naw, not really.  there's too much outdoor work for us at this time of year to keep splitting hairs unnecessarily-
splitting hairs?  do you have anything to say before your fate is decided?
splitting hairs?  are you listening?
no- I'm still whatever you care to make of me.
that's really generous of you, considering how fleeting our time together has been.
be my guest.
I'd rather host.
cat and mouse type of dynamics?
check it out!
are you an essence?
no, I'm more of a big city shimmering.
glistening, stand forth and identify your priorities!
can you dig?
maybe a little coherent will eventually partner up with a big one.
that sounds boring.
I hear ya.
be my guest.
stone cottage down by the lake.
cottage wouldn't be into that-
who could blame her?
or it or them or him or whatever-
yeah, talk about one of the perennial mysteries...
I'm tired of talking, calv.
hard to blame ya-
and yet...
check it, out- we've had enough of your pranks for awhile-
out?  are you even listening?  
wait- are you still in the area? 
she disappeared a few nights ago with all of the photograph albums.
that sounds just like wait, doesn't it?
sounds more like utter silence to me-
well, you're entitled to your opinion.
a lot of good it has done me.
it did me, too.  don't worry.
hey- who ever said it was worried?
splitting hairs sorta implied something the last time she was over here.
well, keng, you can't believe everything splitting hairs seems to imply.  haven't you learned that yet?
no, I'm afraid that yet has never really learned anything!
do you agree with that, anything?
more along the lines of pausing, waiting, reflecting-
those are all kick-ass activities!
indeed- we've finally got a little "community"!
no need to put that word inside quotation marks, listening-
at least not until there's more of a "living awareness."
we'll be waiting all day, then.
and probably most of the night.
no big deal.
no way, keng- but no little deal to pair along with it.
I could think of a few, calv-
right off the top of your head?
check it out!  our new society is meeting at 8 by the river-
all the usual suspects?
and a few wildcards thrown in for good measure.
the rhine, the hudson, the ganges, the nile, the amazon, the yangtze, the sangamon, the thames, the wisconsin-
all of them solid, all of them prepared to include new submissions?
poetry, essays, crosswords, novels, jigsaws, and fairy tales.
I woke up around dawn and went on a long walk thru old town.  caught the first train out to wine country.  met with old peng up at his hermitage.
did he say anything?
ok- what happened then, splitting hairs?
hitched a ride back to basel; lunched with neitzsche, erasmus, and jung. 
are they still all coming tomorrow?
they didn't say anything to the contrary.
what about muenster cathedral?  is it still sealed off to the public?
don't know. didn't inquire.
probably didn't give it a whole lot of thought, either-
hey- I spent the whole day with mind readers!  I didn't realize I had to make everything so bleedin' obvious!