Tuesday, April 2, 2013

strolling down to the dead end of good ol' memory lane.

(here are what might be termed some of the most recent personalized google news updates- my little ongoing way of "keeping in touch" with the world.)

"let's cease this charade of utopia."
"let's cease this charade of a nightmare."
"let's cease this charade of compassion."
"let's cease this charade of a love affair."

were they thankless reports?
no, they were the opposite of thankless reports.

they were rife with what might be termed
the generous holiday spirit.

"let's cease this charade of technology."
"let's cease this charade of unfettered access."
"let's cease this charade of religious and political tolerance."
"let's cease this charade of ecological good faith verbosity."

the response was not overwhelming.
it was the o or a or i or even e-pposite form of that statement.
it was meant to "state something clearly"
but the "state" was muddied "beyond recognition."

that's "ok";
that's "cool";
that's how these sort of love affairs often turn out;
not his fault, not her fault, not its fault, not their fault.
basically, it turns out, nothing or nobody's actual e-fault.
(some folks would probably go even further and posit
that the "cessation" or "cesspool" was a positive e-advantage or blessing!)

the fact that somebody had the "balls" and the "gall"
to identify it at such an in-e-credible distance, and then, even more radical, 

call it by its actual name.

hold on just a second there, sonny- somebody knew its actual name?
are you a betting man, sir?
who isn't in this day and age, sonny?
and what day and age might that be, sir?
you mean its actual name
that's one way of going about it.
that's one way of going about it
that's one way of going about i
that's one way of going about 
that's one way of going abou
that's one way of going abo
that's one way of going ab
that's one way of going a
that's one way of going 
that's one way of goin
that's one way of goi
that's one way of go
that's one way of g
that's one way of 
that's one way o
that's one way...
here's a
here's an
here's ano
here's anot
here's anoth
here's anothe
here's another:
not much of a team player, you're sayin?
I'm sayin' nothing even remotely along those lines, sir.
well, you need to be a little bit clearer then, sonny.
I ain't a mind reader, you realize.
no, I didn't realize.  I'm sorry.
how could you have possibly realized?
you're the one who suggested it!
are you sure about that?
no, I'm not.  I apologize.
absolutely no need to apologize.
sonny, whaddya say- let's cease this ridiculous charade of good ol' memory lane!
not until we cease the charade of our "new" personalities, sir.
but that's part of our new personalities!  a perpetual ceasing of all known charades!
and what about the unknown varieties, sir?
I suppose we just continue to shiver in denial and ignorance.
that's one way of going about it, I guess.
but why should you guess when the pertinent facts are so clear?
look, sonny- (slowly wiping a tear from his eye) I guess I just ain't the mind reader I used to be.
(short pause)
your "adviser" did you a favor, sir.
cut out the old fashioned jargon, why dontcha?
ok- your "neighbor" did you a favor.  an almost unbelievable and entirely undeserved favor.  and guess what?
here's another: let's cease this ongoing charade of absolute nothingness.
(extremely long pause)
son, as much as I'd like to follow you down that particular avenue...
you mean as much as a part of you would like to follow me down that particular avenue...
well, sonny, I suppose that would be a slightly more accurate way of framing the matter...
I thought we weren't using frames anymore, sir.
no- that's just you "postmodern artistic types", sonny...  never understood any of ya- didn't really like the art all that much, either...
that's ok, sir.
well of course its ok!  you think I need your validation, you little snot-nosed, drowning in your own precious vomit, three-trunk inheriti
hey, take it easy, sir!  cool it.
that isn't part of our new personalities?
of course it is, but that doesn't mean you just start sayin' any old thing that pops into your head!  
but I was sayin' brand new things, sonny! fire-new, straight from the mint!
oh.  I didn't realize.  I'm sorry.
how could you have, sonny?  you haven't even been down to the end of memory lane yet!
true, sir.  very true.  but I've been around the block a few times.
maybe you have, sonny... and then again, maybe you haven't...
is it a tough question, sir?
(to cut a long story short, the response was not overwhelming.)
(I disagree.  totally.)