Tuesday, April 9, 2013


at a certain point the language quietly began breathing and b-rating itself.  it began c-arving itself.  it began to s-peak with itself.  like sand, ashes, leaves, gravel- it began scooping and mounding itself, tunneling thru its own self, twisting and mangling itself into knots and moth-eaten afghans. 

at a certain point the news feed pretty much began consuming itself.  the e-population, semi-decimated, semi-forlorn, sick, emaciate, by a certain point, doubled over, simply began eliminating itself.  mere numbers.  evaporate.  the very earth seemed confused, and the core of standard terms that "educated" people had utilized up to this point became, almost overnight, laughable.       yes.        hardy-har-har,          whoop-de-doo,          ha-ha-ha,          beg-for-more-now-or-never.       one could hear the fancy lace laughing.        the recently and soon to be departed super-humorous sketch-lines.

at a certain point the leaders began humbly bowing down to their followers.  inverse ratios of how much, how long, at what cost, bottom lines, ends of history, means of making a living inside of an anonymous kill-field.  the very verse seemed irrelevant, although the in/on/by-going comment thread would certainly seem to indicate otherwise; o-thers-tupid is just newslang for folks who can't quite seem to e-catch a classic break in the "action."  people lined up, even though they had no idea what they would be asked to do at the front.  someone in a uni-form, another one dressed to the nines, reporters, bloggers, citizen watchdogs, traveling minstrels, e-opublics.  animal control must have let things get way way out of control around here!  no one was cutting the grass.  no one was mending the wrenches.  the chain link was being carried away and re-tooled as sweet urban hammocks for the up-and-inwardly mobile.  the warm june breeze brought us closer to the ever e-nonymous landfill.  we don't learn its name partially so we can pretend it's not there.  this is another example of language murkily digesting its own "inner nature."

we circled back to the news feed.  we were asked to make sense of the head-line.  the neck-line, the waist-line, the foot-prints, the e-echoes.  "we were all in this together" or "we are presently all in this together" or "all of us will e-invest in this freakshow together."  even the ones who stop eating.  even the words that stop breathing.  even the sand, leaves, and ashes, swirling around with the rest of the detritus off to the side of the inter-state.