Monday, March 11, 2013

a weave

earliest era of what might be still-coded
"pure circulation of emptiness."

wilson, lawrence, argyle, winnemac, foster, and hollywood,
and then, utterly spent, all the way back 
to the montrose caverns and visitor center.

most recent, most reverent, most reviled, redundant, etc.

placing the p  a  l  m fac  edo w  no n   w  a   t e  r, 
and then illegally hanging in there all evening
to experience the whole situation reverting to ice.

early morning vedic strollers and ancient tai chi practitioners;
arvo part, brian eno, sotl, radiohead, spires that in the sunset rise, smog, npr, global oversights, static, black tie add-ons, trance, landfills, slivers in nothingness softly emerging out of a much wiser lens and/or arena, lichens, zelienople, ben frost, dead can dance, maya, u2, terry riley, sangster, magnetic fields, george crumb, john cage, morton feldman, somei satoh, jeremy enigk, cisfinitum, aphex twin, rachel's, pan sonic, appleface, pink floyd, aidan baker, the cure, elliott smith, dandy warhols, lit harmonics, the the, jane's addiction, the smiths, rem, smashing pumpkins, phil niblock, steve reich, zoe keating, the verve, massive attack, small surrender, lawrence english, thomas koner, the church, the bolshoi, xtc, leonard cohen, nick drake, the sundays, that's how we do it sometimes in spite of apocalypses, melancholy or otherwise. (like tricky said: "insignificant, one more ism, no more, no less.")

even though I'm in kyoto
it doesn't mean I don't or can't long for kyoto. 

hovering outside the bank escalator
to grand central seizure on canal st. and adams.

the storage unit is 
until the other storage unit is not

blue magic marker
rain helixes
blinking lights
waves of _____.

roads were gravel and woodchips,
cells were stonepulp with wireless,
mango juice accidentally spilled into the guts of the typewriter,
so a quick piece of junk sculpture goes up
in the bay window tonight,
and when it's dry,
dipped in acid and shelved next to the
black mechanical pencil.

cat walks & escapes
from "unforeseen" fire events,
the desk clerk remembers me from some old telescoping decatur catastrophe.

-criminey, dude- we were lucky to get away with our lives!
-people in earlier eras would have been decimated like the lesser barrier reefs!
-or the ice age.
-the enlightenment.
-the first of the great species-wide "die-offs", allegedly.
-if you say so.
-dude, I say so.
-I've spent time at the uptown branch library.
-you mean on buena, between broadway and sheridan?
-that's it, dude.
-the circulation desk person there has a crush on me!
-we commence a love affair that lasts for as long as it takes me to walk her back to the group home.
-we're all a little bit crazy here, sir.
-hey; you should see where I'm living these days!
-single room occupant, so-called? 
-that's a term that gets thrown around a little too loosely, I think.
-yeah, me too.

we end up jumping on the red line at roosevelt, after taking in the public sculpture called agora and once again getting our minds quietly blown up and reconstituted.

the city grows older, while we revert back to grade school lingo.  I crouch down and lap up some oily slush from the gutter.

she's already given up trying to make me a healthier or more ethical eater, so she just smiles when I stand up and wipe my mouth with my coat sleeve, little pieces of ash, wire, and paper still stuck here and there in my ridiculous mountain man beard.