Monday, March 11, 2013

the laugh track

wanted to be old, but alas,
turned out to be incredibly, almost unspeakably young!
in an instant!


wanted to be concise,

but gosh, look around you-
no longer a tangible option,
as far as the few
unstable senses still penetrate!

(unconfirmed laughter)

we talked for days, months, millennia-

a deep liquid exchange of experience.
the best that human beings are capable of
when they finally, albeit reluctantly, 
apply themselves to the five cardinal virtues:

stillness, silence, darkness, emptiness, solitude.

silver shacks, cardboard mansions,

irish jigs, all the ancients hymns
jumbled around inside the log cabin computer.

one season passes,

another comes into existence;
they share the same name,
the same face,
the same password.

the great apes confide in me.

the camels continue to beckon me.
the night-watchman, not ancient-
the day-watchwoman, not sparkling-

a blue dial, turned to the left, 

all the way back to "inaudible"-
and then a bluer dial, turned right,
all the way up to "deafening."

in this manner the timeline feature on facebook devours us.

(nervous laughter)

old friends, alas, but spread far and wide

across the vast online ocean-
each our own little excursus,
21st century semaphores lurching in towards 
the "lost" status update. 

(violent laughter)


(deep breathing)