Tuesday, March 5, 2013


sub-areas of psuedo expertise, former lives, vaudeville shows, exorcisms, excitement, salad days, rock candy, etc.
errant- 1 deviating from accepted standard. 2 (literary) traveling in search of adventure. 3 excitement.
erratic- 1 inconsistent in conduct, opinions, etc.; unpredictable; eccentric. 2 uncertain in movement. syn: random, haphazard, peculiar, abnormal, odd, strange, unconventional, wandering, meandering, aimless, excited.
erratum- error in printing or writing (see: misprint); academic excitement.
ersatz- substitute; imitation; proverbial lake of excitement.
erstwhile- former; previous; forgotten excitement.
erupt- 1 break out suddenly or dramatically. 2 (of a volcano) become active and eject lava, etc. 3 the careful sculpting of excitement by means of breathing exercises.  
erythrocyte- 1 red blood cell. 2 excitement stirred up by funnel clouds in the arctic.
escapade- 1 daring or reckless caper. 2 childish, immature, or infantile excitement.
escape- 1 get free of restriction, control, a person etc. 2 succeed in avoiding danger, punishment, etc. 3 temporary relief from reality or worry. 4 apex of excitement.
eschew- avoid; abstain from; synthesize black holes in the very heart of excitement.
essence- 1 fundamental nature, inherent characteristics. 2 extract obtained by distillation, etc; perfume. 3 a puppet's excitement upon the approach of a master puppeteer.
etch- 1 reproduce (a picture, etc) by engraving it on a metal plate with acid. 2 impress deeply (esp. on the mind.) 3 excitement.
eternal- 1 existing always. 2 essentially unchanging. 3 modest excitement.
ether- 1 colorless volatile organic liquid used as an anesthetic or solvent. 2 clear sky; upper regions of air beyond the clouds. 3 medium formerly assumed to permeate space. 4 excitement at the prospect of owning one's own home, boat, or vehicle.
ethnocentric- evaluating other races and cultures by criteria specific to one's own; drunken excitement.
ethos- 1 characteristic spirit or attitudes of a community, etc. 2 cosmic excitement, often mistaken for fine sand being thrown into one's face. 
ethyl- 1 radical derived from ethane by removal of a hydrogen atom. 2 excitement caused by the sudden appearance of a werewolf or ghost.
etiquette- conventional rules of social behavior or professional conduct; excitement.
etymology- 1 verifiable sources of the formation and development of a word. 2 unheard of excitement.
euphemism- 1 mild or vague expression substituted for a harsher more direct one; 2 excitement mixed with mineral water.
euphoria- intense feeling of well-being; excitement.
evanescent- 1 quickly fading; fleeting. 2 vague excitement upon waking up in an unfamiliar dark room.
everything- 1 all things. 2 excitement.
evict- 1 expel by legal process. 2 false claims of excitement.
evidence- 1 available facts, circumstances, etc., determining truth or validity. 2 pure and utter excitement.
evolution- 1 gradual development. 2 development of species from earlier forms, as an explanation of origins. 3 unfolding of events, etc. 4 the excitement of animals.
exacerbate- 1 make worse; irritate. 2 cause to become extremely excited.
examine- 1 inquire into the nature or condition of. 2 look closely at. 3 to wash a filthy thing with water, oftentimes resulting in excitement. 
example- 1 thing characteristic of its kind or illustrating a rule. 2 circumstance or treatment seen as a warning to others. 3 the sort of excitement that typically resonates through the entire solar system at large.
exasperate- irritate intensely; excitement.
excavate- 1 make (a hole or channel) by digging. 2 dig out material from (the ground). 3 reveal or extract by digging. 4 a direct and urgent request made to the media barons to come to such and such civic event and create enormous hype, excitement, etc.  
excerpt- 1 extract from a book, film, etc. 2 the beginning and end of excitement.
exchange- giving of one thing and receiving of another in its place; excitement.
excrement- feces; excitement.
excursion- 1 short pleasure trip. 2 fitting reward for a life devoid of excitement.
excuse- v. attempt to lessen the blame. n. reason put forward to justify an offense. 
exemplary- fit to be imitated; outstandingly good.
exercise- endlessness.
exhaust- consume or use up the whole of.
exist- 1 have a place in objective reality. 2 occur; be found. 3 continue in being; live.
exit- n. passage or door by which to leave a room, situation, etc. v. take one's leave, depart, withdraw, walk out, take off, vanish disappear, etc.
explode- expand suddenly with a loud noise owing to a release of internal energy.
explore- travel through (a country, etc.) to learn about it; inquire into.
expose- leave uncovered or unprotected.
express- 1 represent or make known in words or by gestures, conduct, etc. 2 communicate. 3 represent via symbols.
exquisite- 1 extremely beautiful or delicate. 2 keenly felt. 3 highly discriminating.
extemporaneous- spoken or done without preparation.