Saturday, March 2, 2013

iCe AGEs rapiDly

there were other traditions, I'm sure of it
h e a d l i n e w o r l d d e v o t e d t o e r r o r s
involution, this is why and to what shattered extent
the old classics still speak to us
easy, difficult, stonefaced
outerlying textual detail 
could the twitching sundial reverse plates
still many other chapters, I'm sure of it
bookstore devoted to emptiness
destitution the next cardinal sin
fire-new art shows creeping up lossless magazine avenue
dirt cheap, no insurance, puncture wound
underneath thesemitransparentlenses
other empires, count on it
frozen coronations reoccurring at an unsustainable rate
stagehands rolling one tattered backdrop 
off the sequestered rim of dark canyon
just in time for the tumbling tricks
other paths to the circus