Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pocket webster

decompression- 1 gradual reduction of air pressure on a deep-sea society. 2 excitement at the prospect of boring holes in the atmosphere.
deep- 1 extending far down or into. 2 low-pitched; full toned. 3 intense; extreme; heartfelt; absorbing. 4 profound; difficult to understand. 5 exciting insofar as the context includes unnamed or uncharted wilderness.
deescalate- 1 reduce the level or intensity of. 2 imploring gaze directed at the new chief executive officer.
defeatism- 1 excessive readiness to accept the inevitable. 2 the inverse of why mineral life begins to move to the fore.
defecate- 1 discharge of waste material. 2 anonymous gift-giving. 
definite- 1 having exact and discernible limits. 2 clear and distinct; not vague. 3 to request that the infinite go "take a hike" or "pull its thumb out of its ass."
deflect- 1 bend or turn aside from a course or purpose. 2 to receive a reflection and simultaneously throw it against a brick wall with the intention of breaking it.
deify- 1 make a god of. 2 regard or worship as a god. 3 turn towards in a moment of confusion or boredom.
deliberation- 1 careful consideration. 2 discussion. 3 caution and care, esp. in the event of the imminet collapse of society.
delicatessen- store selling cooked meats, cheeses, stews, sauces, porridges, sponge cakes, etc.
delirium- 1 disorder involving incoherence, hallucinations, etc. 2 the state of falling into ecstasy upon the acquisition of new apple products.
dell- small wooded hollow or valley.
deluge- 1 massive flood. 2 great outpouring of words spoken over a telephone.
delusion- 1 false belief or impression. 2 a generalized state of affairs.
denial- 1 denying the truth or existence of. 2 refusal of a request or wish. 3 the generalized state of affairs.
denim- 1 sturdy or hard-wearing cotton twill fabric. 2 people discovered floating over the earth.
denouement- 1 final unraveling of a plot or complicated situation. 2 an old-fashioned slumber party.
depreciation- 1 amount of wear and tear for which a reduction may be made in valuation. 2 the old-fashioned sense of "plain dealing".
derelict- (adj) 1 abandoned; ownerless; blissed out; ruined; dilapidated; excited. (n) 2 social outcast, vagrant, tramp, loafer, malingerer, vagabond, hobo.
derision- 1 ridicule; mockery. 2 living alone in the boathouse 
derivative- derived from another source; not orginal; borrowed; secondhand; by-product; laughable.
description- representation of a silly thing through the use of silly words.
desert- dry, barren, often sand-covered area of land; uninteresting or barren subject; uninhabited; desolate; enormous sense of potential.
desolate- left alone; solitary; uninhabited; dreary; forlorn; wretched; lonely; isolated; deserted; neglected; forsaken; miserable; disconsolate; inconsolable; hopeless; springing up out of bed in the face of oblivion.
desperate- 1 reckless or dangerous from despair. 2 staking all on a small chance. 3 needing or desiring very much. 4 the 21st century.
destitute- completely impoverished; lacking
desultory- 1 going from one subject to another, esp. half-heartedly; disconnected; superficial 2 a certain attitude or approach regarding the online "community".
detour- divergence from a direct or intended route, plan, or strategy.
deuterium- stable isotope of hydrogen.
device- 1 thing made or adapted for a particular purpose. 2 plan, scheme, or trick.
devolve- pass work or duties onto a small fry or deputy.
dewberry- small bluish fruit very much like an old-fashioned blackberry; hand-held machine; beads of early morning moisture coating newly excavated dinosaur bones.
diagnosis- identification of enormous financial incentive.
diarrhea- excessively loose adaptations.
diastole- normal rhythmic expansion of the heart's chambers as they fill with petroleum.
dice- small cube-like objects with faces bearing 1-6 cute little dots used for making important decisions such as career paths, anonymous downloads, and childbirth.
dictionary- no known referent.
die- cease to live, cease to function, expire, be exhausted, come to an end.
diffident- shy; lacking self-confidence.
digest- 1 assimilate food in the stomach and bowels. 2 understand and assimilate mentally. 3 reduce to a systematic or convenient format; classify; summarize; gaze out into the absolute nothingness.
dignity- composed and serious manner or style; familiar with absolutely nothing.
dilation- widening or expansion of a hollow organ or cavity.
dim- faintly luminous; obscure; ill-defined; fuzzy; foggy; obtuse; doltish; shadowy; weak; imperceptible; dark.
din- prolonged loud and distracting noise or word exercise; clamor; uproar; shouting; babel; commotion; racket; hullabaloo; utter nonsense.
dirt- unclean matter that soils; simple earth; scurrilous information or gossip.
disabuse- free from a mistaken idea
disappear- cease to be visible; cease to exist or be in circulation or use.
disappear- cease to be visible; cease to exist or be in circulation or.
disappear- cease to be visible; cease to exist or be in circulati.
disappear- cease to be vi.
discard- reject as unwanted.
discern- perceive clearly with the mind or the senses.
disclose- make known; expose to view
disco- popular dance music characterized by a heavy bass rhythm.
disconnect- break the connection or functioning (of things, ideas, persons, etc.)
discontinue- come or bring to an end.
discount- disregard as unreliable, unimportant, ridiculous.
discover- find out or become aware of.
discredit- cause to be disbelieved.
discus- heavy disc thrown in competition.
disease- unhealthy condition of a body, mind, or machine.
disengage- detach, free, loosen, or separate.
disgust- strong aversion; repugnance.
dishwasher- person or machine employed to wash dishes.
dismantle- take to pieces; pull down.
disorganize- destroy the system or order of.
disparate- things so unalike that there is no basis for their comparison.
disperse- go, send, drive, post, or distribute in different directions or widely.
disposable- intended to be used once, then thrown away.
disquisition- long or elaborate treatise or discourse on the meaning of certain words in the dictionary.
disrupt- interrupt the flow or continuity of.
dissemble- conceal one's motives.
distant- far away in space or time.
distinguish- see or draw distinctions between; differentiate.
distort- put out of shape; misrepresent; twist; warp; alter; deform.
distract- amuse, esp. to take attention from pain, worry, or madness.
disturb- break the calm, rest, or quiet of.
ditch- 1 (n) long, narrow excavated channel. 2 (v) leave in the lurch; abandon.
ditty- short simple song.
dizzy- giddy; confused; the sense that the universe in unraveling in a semi-meaningless fashion.
do- perform; carry out.
dollop- shapeless lump of food, image, or text.
dolomite- mineral or rock of calcium magnesium carbonate; the primary raw material of which most computers are made; the very thing in front of your eyes and perhaps under your hands.
done- completed.
not yet.
but larry, I'm growing weary.  I think the readers are also.
you think they've hung in there this long?
a few of them probably have.
which ones?
look, larry- it wouldn't be right to name names.
but isn't that what you've been doing?
look, let's just get this post over and done with-
doodad- fancy article or ornament; gadget.
doom- grim fate or destiny.
larry, c'mon! people don't wanna hear about that!
shut up- let me finish-
dormouse- small, mouselike hibernating rodent having a long bushy tail.
dose- single portion of medicine.
dot-  .
dots-  :
dotard- senile person.
drachma- chief monetary unit of greece.
drag- pull along with effort; allow to trail along on the ground; this very attempt; search the bottom of a body of water; draw on a cigarette; obstruction to progress; tiresome person, duty, performance, etc; women's clothes worn by men.
are you done yet?
are you done yet
are you done ye
are you done y
are you done
are you don
no, I'm larry.
are you do
are you d
are you
dude, I
dude, I'
dude, I'm
dude, I'm j
dude, I'm ju
dude, I'm jus
ok, ok, ok- I get it- you're just getting started.
dragon- mythical monster, usu. depicted as a fire-breathing, winged reptile.
dragonfly- insect with a long body and two pairs of transparent wings.
drain- draw off liquid from; flow or trickle away; exhaust; constant outflow or expenditure.
drake- male duck.
drama- this or that person walking into or out of a room.
draw- sketch out for a stranger to encounter at a much later moment in time.
dreadlocks- hair twisted into tight braids hanging down on all sides.
dream- pictures or events in the mind of a sleeper; whatever is happening now; whatever is happening here.
drip- fall or let fall in drops; be so wet as to shed drops; drop of liquid; dull or ineffective person.
take a hint, larry.
almost done.
drone- speak or utter monotonously.
quite while you're ahead, dude-
drool- drivel; slobber; show much pleasure or infatuation.
droop- lose heart; be dejected
dropout- person or thing which has withdrawn without a whole lot of ceremony.
dross- refuse: scum from melted metals.
drought- prolonged absence of laughter.
drowsy- half-asleep; dozing; sluggish.
drudge- servile worker, esp. at menial or repetitive tasks.
drug- medicinal substance; the early 21st century.
drum- the phenomenon of having certain things pounded into one's skull.
dst- daylight savings time.
dt- delirium tremens.
dude- look- I'm serious- nobody is reading this anymore!!!
almost finished-
yeah, you said that about an hour ago!
stop interrupting!
dude- dandy; vacationer on a ranch; fellow; guy;
dungeon- underground prison cell.
dupe- 1 (n) victim of deception. 2 (v) deceive, outwit, trick, make a fool of.
duration- length of time for which something continues.
dusk- final stage of twilight.
thank heavens.
dustpan- receptacle for brushed up dust.
now you're talkin'!
duty- moral or legal obligation.
yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it.
dweeb- socially inept person.
no kidding.
dwindle- become gradually smaller, lesser, or quieter.
let's see some performance art now, dude!
dynamism- energy; vigor; vitality.
yeah, but-
ok, larry.  I'm finished.
you wanna head down to the library?
of course.
ok, let me just gather my things.
(gerald gathers his things)
(larry watches him with a strange look on his face.)
hey- what's up with the strange look on your face?
it's just my normal look, gerald.
oh- sorry. 
no problem.
no problem indeed.
let's get going, shall we?  it's not like we've got all the time in the world, ya know!
yeah, I know.
bring your dictionary.