Friday, March 1, 2013

stabs in the dark

gestimation.  (that's not a word!!!)
impermanence.  (that's not a word either!!!)
caspar the friendly ghost would agree.
really? is that the best you can do?
gestimation.  (that's not fair, keng!!!) 
I don't believe you!  (I know it!!!)
caspar the friendly ghost is still there in the waiting room.
gestimation.  (why are you doing this???)
gestation.  (that doesn't answer my question!!!)
I thought we were supposed to meet at eleven.
no, it's printed right here on the flyer.
caspar the friendly ghost is delighted!
keng, I'm not appreciating your tone.
caspar the friendly ghost isn't worried!
that's what I thought.
that's what I was taught to expect.
taught by who?
public schools.
does it really appear that simple to you?
caspar appears to have infinite patience.
gestimation.  (I never loved you!!!)
gestimation.  (I never asked to be part of this!!!)
gestimation.  (I didn't receive the proper orientation!!!)
gestimation.  (why are you using your intelligence to undermine your animal instincts?)
gestimation.  (how long do you think you can live in denial?)
gestimation.  (what about when the earth catches up with you?)
gestimation.  (and keng, you know that it will!!!)
gestimation.  (probably sooner than later!!!)
you sound like a god-damned broken record!
caspar would most likely agree.
gestimation.  (that's not even a word!!!)
impermanence.  (that doesn't make anything clearer!!!)
no, I'm very familiar with that particular sound.
caspar's neighbor walked out on the thin ice this morning.
every vinyl enthusiast has been deluded at one time or another!
so then it's not such a massive accomplishment?
never claimed it was a massive accomplishment.
never claimed anything, really.
maybe not.
gestimation.  (it's no use.)
what then?
gestation sidelines the issue.  (whatever.)
so they're all just guesses, you're sayin?
pretty much, yeah.
gestimation?  (not in a millon years, keng)
gestimation.  (changing your tone of voice makes absolutely no difference!!!)
the land of milk and impermanence.
indeed, a big jug of raw gestimation.
if you say so.  (yes, I say so!!!)
caspar just wants us all to be better friends!
a pasture of what used to be styled "absolute emptiness."
undiluted, unfiltered, unchecked by the rest of the ecosystem.
wait- isn't that more or less pure gestimation?
more or less a canyon of nothingness, as far as the eye can see?
but's that's all canyons, keng!  that's precisely why we love canyons!
huck finn has all the most important facts right there at his fingertips!
maybe you're right.
I gotcha.
maybe we should see what the online world is sayin'.
a brand new massive batch of impermanence.
more or less.
maybe so.
maybe I'm finally prepared to agree with you.
caspar the friendly ghost would be proud of us.
I can imagine him looking down on us.
rocking in his rocking chair with his cat rogers asleep in his lap, 
purring as if there wasn't a care in the world.
yeah, that's one of the benefits of being a cat.