Thursday, June 18, 2015

go there

I heard that there are still a few downtown performance venues up and running where it is okay to repeat yourself, accidentally or deliberately, and that the curators tend to be forgiving and are not quick to pounce in judgement. So there's that. Both before and after the show there will probably be some conversation. Wait, that's a little misleading. Sorry. There will most definitely be conversation. There will be SO MUCH conversation. People will stand around talking for as long as they possibly can. GUARANTEED. My advice is: don't dive into it. Don't let your stories be so easily known. Nothing wrong with conversation per se and nothing wrong with an arrow clearly pointing to the designated conversation area if there happens to one. Should you go there? If this blog has taught me anything, it is that it would be a huge mistake to go there. Irreversible, probably. I entitled this post 'go there' just to see if I could trick the reader. I repeat myself way too much, obviously. This translates into a reputation for being predictable and boring. It has been difficult to come to terms with this but my persistence seems to have finally paid off. Most people do not like me and do not want to hear about my ideas. Conversation could be described as a thing long in the past, a former activity, an old flame that has long since settled down into ash and blown away. I still pine for it, desperately.