Thursday, June 18, 2015



In June I employed poor Robot Language to help me finish an ambitious scholarly article on the Blurry Ethics & Logic of Much Ado's Constable Leo M. Dogberry for a mixed-use anthology scheduled to be published by Seacoal, Shoal, & Asshat in the Autumn of 2019. He assured me that he was Efficient, Cool, Smart, & Reliable. LOL. Towards the end of our interview he asked if I would be open to additional input from his esteemed colleague Dr. Samanthajay at the Wildernesses Institute. "She employs Exquisite Human Language for editorial gigs su


The next day the five of us hunkered down in my Sweet Corner Office and polished it off in a ten hour burst of uninterrupted and inspired academic activity, alternating duties between the Concluding Section, Final Edits, & Pesky Bibliographic Concerns. Poor Robot Language was terrific and Exquisite Human Language was fabulous although it soon became apparent that Dr. S knew WAY more about the bard than all the rest of us put together even though sh


Later on that night we were celebrating around a small backyard campfire toasting 0rganic Frankfurters & Marshmallows when Out Of Nowhere asked the general company in an Extremely Fierce Yet Barely Audible Whisper: Dost thou not suspect my place, Animals? Dost thou not suspect my Infinity? Oh, that someone were here to write me down a Future Financial Asset! But please remember that I am descended from Sir Samuel Pickwick's Bizarre Fascinations; though it be not written down, yet forget not that I am a co


It was confusing, awkward, weird, and a little bit scary, but nevertheless we continued to sit there in Near-Perfect Stillness & Silence for another forty-five minutes or so. We were all concer