Thursday, June 18, 2015


integrity of mind. there was indeed a very brief period. aaron enjoyed doing the robot, i enjoyed doing the grasshopper. innocence. we were poor and unruly students. we performed the robot and the grasshopper at inappropriate times.  such as when class was in session. we had no sense of propriety. none. the substitute teacher became very exasperated with us and told us that we had no integrity of mind. we were sent to the principal's office and she asked us in a very stern tone of voice: what's this i hear about you boys not having any integrity of mind? there were no answers forthcoming. aaron and i observed basic silence. until we couldn't hold back the chuckling. she said we were all just going to sit there until we each offered our own explanation, not for the robot and grasshopper shenanigans but for our minds' complete lack of integrity, and a solid step-by-step plan for ameliorating this lack. she said we could consult the dictionary if necessary. we did, but there was nothing in there about the subject in question. we were told to leave the school and not come back, no, not for an instant, until we had explanations and plans for amelioration. there was a very brief period, followed by a standard length period. innocence.