Wednesday, June 17, 2015

note to self

if you think our little gang gets together merely for the purpose of engaging in casual or friendly conversation you are obviously not aware of all the underlying social dynamics at play and even if by some sort of miracle you are in fact privy to such classified info you are willfully ignoring it for some devious purpose of your own which we will eventually discover by the various investigative means at our disposal, not the least of which is the aforementioned casual or friendly conversation. And if you think our little gang was happy to be pressured into learning how to play Home On The Range on guitar by the planning committee of the neighborhood block party you have clearly not read our mission statement or read the newsletter archives in which it is stated over and over that we enjoy civilization VERY MUCH and all of the modern conveniences that come along with a networked urban existence, not the least of which is having the luxury to head out to protected wilderness areas on weekends via public transportation to carve totem animals and people in wood who guide us on shamanic journeys back into the primordial matrix where after consulting the oracles there is not much else to do but sit down on the riverbank and engage in more mind-blowing conversation. And if you think that one of the topics we regularly explore in those talks is related to how we would get back to civilization if we lost ourselves so deeply in the aforementioned vision questing that we missed the last bus back into town and had to spend the night out there under the stars, in the elements, singing Home On The Range ironically and drinking water directly from the river you are confused and unsuccessfully trying to disguise that confusion by saying or writing whatever random words first happen to pop into your head. And if you think that we survived this ordeal and eventually wandered back to civilization and immediately contacted the editor of the neighborhood newsletter and told her about our adventure in the hopes of getting a write-up and thus impressing all the rest of the overly domesticated urban sophisticates you are clearly under the influence of heavy mind-altering chemicals and thus have even less ability than usual to accurately read other people's minds. Accept it.