Wednesday, June 17, 2015


/ QUAINT: fanciful; curious; odd and antique; dreamlike; singular; whimsical / QUAKE: to shake, tremble, or quiver, as if agitated by the remembrance of a troubling tone poem or image / QUALM: a sudden fit of nausea or twinge of fretful conscience; compunction; where the ragged threads of sleep intersect with the frayed edges of a purposeful life in society / QUANDARY: a state of perplexity experienced upon waking up from what seemed like a simple afternoon nap and finding oneself sitting up in a canvas director's chair out in a wilderness area surrounded by strangers mumbling "action... cut... action... cut... action... etc"; an existential predicament; loss of soul or identity / QUARANTINE: the period during which a new film suspected of being infested with goblins is obliged to forbear all further intercourse with the movie-going public / QUARRY: a place deep within the dream mechanism where the bones of totem animals are excavated from the dross of long past daily experience /