Wednesday, June 17, 2015

los's ballad

The deep of winter came, what time the secret child descended through the orient gates of the eternal day: war ceas’d, and all the troops like shadows fled to their abodes. Then Enitharmon saw her sons and daughters rise around; like pearly clouds they meet together in the crystal house; and Los, possessor of the Moon, joy’d in the peaceful night, thus speaking:

"Anthropology, physics, game theory, chemistry, nutrition, prehistory: the brochure says that these are all legitimate fields of study. Question. Why was the famous legislator pressed down onto his rickety camp bed, as if by an impersonal force of considerable weight and authority? A supplication, perhaps? Answer. Philosophy, religion, psychology, gravity, law, economics. I'll see you in court, a voice whispers. Maybe we'll be on the same side. We'll describe what it's like here to a jury of peers. We'll study their facial tics, body language, costumes, blood pressure, pulse, and vice-versa. Somebody up in the gallery whispers to no one in particular: it's strange how the distinguished legislator just lies there, not struggling, pressed down into his camp bed, as if under the combined weight of many, many steel blankets. Maybe x-rays are being taken? Help me, a weakened voice whispers. I am helping you, another, even weaker, voice whispers. It wishes the room was more like a geological era, closes its eyes, and blows out a few of the candles nearby. The cake has many layers. The luminaries are singing, laughing, dancing, talking, dining, dreaming, and strategizing. Try to relax, a dust mote whispers. The party is doing just fine without you. Consider. But does it make any sense that I'm just LYING HERE in this pit on my birthday? Doesn't have to make sense, silly. But I WANT IT TO MAKE SENSE. That's why I'm trying to help you, your honor. Countless steel blankets on top of numberless failed x-rays equals neither the ostensible weight of the world nor its shadow. Radiology concurs. Anesthesia withdraws.  No voice whispers. No more evidence is introduced at this time. The court rests. Steady breathing. A homeless shelter, of sorts, inside the esteemed legislator, that NEVER CLOSES ITS DOORS and allows all fields of study to stay for as long as they need, no questions asked."